Monday, August 09, 2004


"The Tallest Three-Year Old I've Ever Seen"

The Boy had a pediatrician appointment last week, during which the doctor pronounced him “the tallest three-year-old I’ve ever seen.” I believe him, too – The Boy is a moose. I’m not short, and neither is The Wife, but The Boy is much taller than either of us was at his age.

At one level, this is kind of cool. Certainly, he wouldn’t be growing that quickly if he weren’t basically healthy, and to the extent that his size can deter bullies, I’m all for it.

Still, I can’t help but feel a slight trepidation for the kid. Big kids are expected to be athletes, which I just wasn’t. If he gets his coordination from me, he’ll fall prey to the Jeff Goldblum syndrome.

Gender expectations die hard. If he stays as tall-for-his-age as he is now, he’ll be a conspicuously big guy by high school. With that, he won’t have the option of blending in.

I wasn’t very good at boy stuff. I was gawky, slow, introverted, and generally awkward. (I still am, but it matters a lot less now.) Between nature (my chromosomes) and nurture (my general cluelessness about guy culture), the kid could be in for a rough patch.

We’re going to sign him up for some classes at the Y, on the theory that early intervention may help. Still, and as much as I reject much of what I consider the stupid brutality of guy culture, I don’t want The Boy to go through what I went through. There’s no need to contribute another hammerhead frat boy to the world, but I know enough about adolescence to know that some protective coloration could spare a lot of pain. Let him get ironic distance on it later – first, arm him to get through it.

Kids at those ages are the shock troops of gender roles – girls who aren’t hot and boys who aren’t athletes never stop being reminded – and they aren’t shy about enforcement.

The schizophrenia of parenting hits home. Even though I reject many of the values those age groups hold, I want him to be able to hold his own on the terms I know he’ll confront. Even though I was among the least athletic kids I knew, The Boy will be counting on me to prepare him for guy culture.

Here’s hoping some double-recessive genes slipped through…

Dear Sir:

Just how big? My boy is 46 and half " his B day will be Sunday Oct 1st. He was 42 3/4" at 3yrs. Just like to know that he is not the tallest

New Canaan, CT
my son was 3 in march 2008 and he is 3feet 5inch tall thats aprox 96cm
My daughter was 43 in. at the age of 3 years.
my son is 3 1/2 yrs old and is 47 inches tall and weighs 60 ilbs.most people think he is way older and when he acts up they look at my like i'm not doing something right!then i have to explain how old he is then they understand why he's acting like a 3 yr old,because he is 3..does anyone else go through this too?
Just went for my daughter's 3-year visit today, and she's 42". I'm 5'9" and the doc said she'll leave me in the dust when she's full grown.
hello i just read this story and i reolize it doesn't specifically say how tall your son is ex:4'6... if you could please answer this question that would be great.
My son is 3 years of age and he is 3'6. So i guess he is really tall for his age
My daughter is 4 years old and 46 inches tall
my son is 4ft tall and just turned 4 this month
my daughter is 3ft 4inches at the age of 4 her 5th birthday is not due untill may 2009.Genetically she is likely to develop one of both parent physical characteristic,however when body mass declines due to illness than this becomes worrying..
My son will be 4 on April 6th, 2010. He was 46.5in about 3 months ago and has gained a couple inches since then. He weighs 49lbs and is in a size 13.5 shoe and wears a 6 in jeans. He was 7lbs 12.7oz and 21.5" at birth, and was 35" at his 1st birthday.
My son just turned 4 and is 48 inches talk and 64 lbs.
My daughter just turned 3 and she is 43 inches and about 41 lbs and people look at her in aw. I am tired of hearing, Oh my gosh, she is so tall!! She wears about a 6.
Just went to the Endocrinologist today and my little girl, that just turned three in May, is now 43 1/2 inches tall. I think she has about every one here beat.
27 of march 2011. Today my son is 43in tall. In November Ricky turned 3. Ricky was born 10 wks premature at 3pd 3oz. Now he is alot bigger.
Actually just came back from the doctors today and my lil girl was 44inches tall and just barely turned 3 years old 3weeks ago....
When I was 4 I was 46 inches tall and weighed about 90 pounds. My weight wasn't just in one area it was throughout. When I was born I was 24 inches long. And now I'm grown, I'm only about 6'1 6'2.
And my parents are only 5'1 and 5'7.
I have two daughter one is 3 years old who is 48 inch tall and her sister 3 1/2 month is 25.5 inch. My wife is 5'11 and im 6'6
my son will be turning 3 on nov 25, 2012 and right now he stands (without shoes on) 49 inches tall and weights 57 pounds.
my son's doctor said that my son jimmy is the biggest baby he has ever took care of. my son will be 3 in two weeks and he is 43 inches tall and weighs in at 70 pounds he is not fat he just has alot of muscles.
My daughter is 3 year old and 47 inches tall, she is Indian.
My son just turned 4, he is 46 inches tall and weighs 62 pounds. The terrible two's didn't start until he was three. Everybody thought he was a six year old. Yes people would think my son was acting like a three year old and would get those funny looks.
My son is 3 yrs, 4 months, weighs 50 lbs, and 43.5" tall. We took him to WIC and was told he is overweight for his age but nothing about his height. When he goes with me to pick up his 10 yr old sister, kids would think he's in 1st grade. I'm only 5' 2" and my husband is 5' 9", not tall at all. Hopefully our son will be tall!
My daughter is 3 years and 5 months old. She is 41 inches and weighs 48 lbs. She is medically overweight but isn't 41 inches the average height of a 5 or 6 year old or something?
Man I know that feeling everyone looks crazy at my baby when he is whinning then you say he is only 3 and its time for a nap and then everyone is like ohhhh ok I understand lol
Man I know that feeling everyone looks crazy at my baby when he is whinning then you say he is only 3 and its time for a nap and then everyone is like ohhhh ok I understand lol

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