Saturday, May 21, 2005


Conversation with The Boy

This morning, while I was tying his sneakers:

TB: Daddy?

DD: Yes?

TB: You stay home today, right? Today’s Saturday.

DD: That’s right.

TB: I love it when you stay home. I know you have to go to work to pay for the house and clothes and toys, but I miss you when you’re gone.

DD (after stunned silence): I miss you too.

That's very sweet. We're getting the "When you get tenure, we'll . . ." or "When Daddy gets tenure . . ." I think they think we're all going to be able to stay home and eat bon-bons.
That is sweet. Kids are amazing sometimes when you find out what's in their head.

Found your blog in the usual way of clicking through other people's blogs. I think it's cool to have an administrator among the ranks of academic bloggers, because administrators have issues with academia too! Have added you to my blogroll and will be visiting more often.
Adjunct Kait

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