Friday, June 24, 2005


Gone Fishin'

We're spending the last week of June exploring the limits of sunscreen. No purchase requisitions to sign, no internet to check, no nothin'.

Like the late-night guys do, I'll run a 'best of blog' for the week. Some of my faves that I posted before anyone knew I was here include:

Use It or Lose It

Adjunct Nation

Registration, Speed Limits, and Whining

Class Observations

Also, check out the links. Tiny Cat Pants is always worth reading, and the indefatigable Danigirl is an inspiration.

See ya in July!

Thanks for the "best of blog" posts. Very interesting. The "class observation" post struck a chord with me, as I had to be observed recently at my Community College. My students found it funny when they heard me talking to another colleague about how nervous we get when we're being observed!
And the pay thing is another issue. I teach at a private university and a state community college, and some of my colleagues are doing the same. We are shocked at how poorly the university pays the adjuncts, even with PhDs. The community college pays about $400-$600 better, but still: no office, no phone, no convenient training times, no nothin'.
That's a big issue too: colleges and universities offer faculty development programs, but often they are not at times convenient for adjuncts. I work two other jobs--I can't come to a discussion or a training seminar at 11:00 AM. They want us to use WebCT or Blackboard, but how can we do it if we can't get in for training? Not everyone is a "learn on your own" type.
Sorry, that was a lot of ranting. Have a good weekend!
I too appreciate the BOB links.

Connected to the themes of both the Use It and Adjunct posts, another pernicious trend, it seems to me, is the permanent, non-tenure hire. One academic I coach has worked at the same uni for many years, at reasonable pay, but not on the tenure track. Prof X. acts within in the dept just like a full-fledged member of the team, EXCEPT, X is afraid to say no to even unreasonable requests because there's always the threat that if X doesn't please people the job could disappear. This uni is the type where positions are lost when folks die, retire or leave. Plus, if a t-t job does open, some say that X will have to quit the current position to apply for a new line. Are you KIDDING?
Unfortunately, I gather that this horrid situation is far from unique.
OK, Adjunct Nation gave me nightmares and I posted on it over at timna...
Hey Dean Dad,

I saw this at the end of an article at the Chronicle -- looks like they need some input. I think you'd be just the dean to write for them....

In The Chronicle:
"If you would like to write for our regular column on faculty and administrative careers at two-year colleges, or have a topic to propose -- on any aspect of finding jobs at two-year colleges, getting promoted, or doing the jobs -- we would like to hear from you. Send your ideas to"

This was in the June 29th edition.

Your Fan,
Hey, I posted on Tuesday - where did it go?

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the shout-out (although it was much wittier when I said it on Tuesday. You'll have to take my word for it!) Hope you had a lovely week off with the family!
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