Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Almost a Sweet Moment

At dinner the other night:

DD: My day, blah blah blah

The Boy: Excuse me?

The Wife: Hold on, TB. My day, blah blah blah.

DD: Yeah, that’s hard.

TB: Excuse me?

DD: Hold on, TB.

TW: And then…

TB: Excuse me?

TW: (sigh) Yes, TB?

TB: I just wanted to say two things. One, I really love you.

DD, TW: Awww.

TB: And two, I have some chicken stuck in my teeth.

Hell, I was impressed with the excuse me, let alone the pause after it where conversation could continue. You must be doing something right!!
It's the pause that gets me. PK says "scuse me?" and if we say "just a minute, PK," he says "SCUSE ME! SCUSE ME! SCUSE ME!.."
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