Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Catching Up on my Reading

If I hadn't made a point of checking the Weekly World News the other day – still the best source for Bigfoot, Elvis, and Bat-boy information – I wouldn't have noticed this story.

According to the WWN, a university in India is offering graduate degrees to reincarnated people.

As a dean, a few thoughts:

But no good idea is without its complications.

I'm also not sure how to market to the multiply-lived. “Never Build Another Pyramid – Come Back to School!” (Our previous effort at target marketing was to Presbyterians -- “You're Predestined to Come Here” -- but it met with only mixed success.)

I love Christmas break...

And you could distinguish the dead and tenured from the live and tenured how, exactly?
And what about student loans? Could you pay it back in a future life, instead, especially after inflation had made the original loan amount seem small?

Also, will I start to see this work on transcripts from international students?
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