Monday, May 28, 2007


A Sickening Mathematical Truth

Today is TB's 6th birthday.

It occurred to me that 6 is one-third of 18.


It goes soooo fast...

Wow. Happy birthday TB!
Happy Birthday, TB!
Yeah, didn't it take you about 40 years to get to 18? A lifetime, it was, and then your kids do it in a blink.

Enjoy it, you still have plenty of surprises left.

And Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy!
Happy birthday TB! And congrats to your parents for making it this far along with you.
Faster than you think.

Yesterday my niece was holding my hand to walk downstairs. Now she's choosing a university. Where did the years go? :-(
All true... but from the parental perspective, the years from 14-18 are an eternity. If it please the heavens, please return my son to me and take away the basement-dwelling, permanently scraped and banged up boy you left in his place one evening last summer. You know... I want the one who gets excited about the melone e proscuitto salata, not the one who stares in the full fridge complaining, "Don't we have any &%$@#* food that's decent to eat in this stupid house?!"
Just tell me he isn't going to be three times as tall by the time he reaches 18.
Oh dear, I'm late, but happy happy birthday to The Boy from his Canadian friends.

This weekend, I rode the merry-go-round at a local fair with my boys and was completely extraneous for the first time. There was absolutely no reason for me to be on there, they certainly didn't need my help anymore. Where DOES the time go?

P.S. My boys have discovered SpongeBob, and I find myself thinking of you when the boys and their father laugh uproariously at jokes that I simply roll my eyes at.
I just found your blog and am laughing and crying at the same time over this simple entry. I swear my 17 yo son was 6 just last month...

enjoy it while you can!!!
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