Thursday, September 20, 2007

After Work

The Girl, her big pink teddy bear, and I are sitting on the couch in the family room.

TG: Let's play hide and seek!

DD: Okay.

TG: I know a good hiding place!

DD: Okay. I'll count! (I hide my eyes)

TG: (giggles)

DD: one...two...three...

TG: (giggles)

DD: nine..ten! (Eyes open) Ready or not, here I come!

Next to me, I spy a recumbent girl with a big pink teddy bear covering her face. Her legs are crossed and knees up, so one foot is almost in my face.

DD: (laugh out loud)


TG: (giggles)

DD: Bear, do you know where TG is?

TG (voicing the bear): No.

DD: Hmm...Is she on the chair? Noooo....

TG: (giggles harder)

DD: I wonder whose feet these are? (Start tickling her foot.) They seem to move a lot when I tickle them...

TG: (laughing)

DD: Bear, do you know whose feet these are?

TG (triumphantly): Here I am!

DD: There you are!

TG: You silly! I was right here!

In a few years, I won't know anything, and she'll greet me with a roll of the eyes and a contemptuous “Da-a-ad.” But for now, I'm a silly Daddy who can't see a little girl behind a big pink teddy bear.

Best after-work decompression ever.