Tuesday, November 04, 2008


While Rome Burns...

I'm too distracted by the election to put together a proper post, so this meme from Lesboprof came at a good time. I don't usually do memes, but I can't say no to LP, so here goes...

The “Favorites” Meme

1.Political show - Daily Show and Colbert Report, of course. Olbermann will do in a pinch, and Maddow is starting to show up on my radar.

2. Picnic food – I'm not really a picnic guy, but in a pinch, a big ol' sub will do.

3. Mixed drink – Raspberry daquiri. A bit girly, I know, but still. The best I ever had was in a pool in Kauai, on my honeymoon. For my money, raspberry and chocolate are nature's perfect flavors. Many years ago, Ben and Jerry's did 'chocolate raspberry' as a flavor of the month, and I ordered one in public. I enjoyed it so much that it became socially awkward.

4. U.S. President – FDR.

5. Kind of student to teach -- The ones who don't know they're smart until you point it out. I've had a few of those, and remember all of them.

6. Hobby you do or wish you still did – Does blogging count? And I miss my dj days.

7. Sports commentator – Tim McCarver. I know, I know, but he's informative as hell. I also enjoy John Madden every so often, since he sounds like an aneurysm in progress.

8. Sport to watch on TV – Baseball. In a pinch, the Purina Fittest Dog competition. Or luge.

9. Animal to have as a pet – Big floppy dogs.

10. Halloween costume you have worn – Big Bird, when I was about five.

11. Kind of dessert – See #3

12. Comic strip – Dilbert, though the best ever was Calvin and Hobbes.

13. Style or make of footwear – I've never cared about shoes.

14. Ice cream flavor - See #3

15. College or university president – Prefer not to answer.

16. Internet news source – lately, fivethirtyeight.com. I also check Brad DeLong's blog, the google news aggregator, and about twenty million other things.

17. Vacation spot – Kauai, San Francisco, or Boston. A great hotel is the key ingredient. I don't believe in camping.

18. Wine – A nice red zinfandel. Not that blush/pink crap; the red stuff.

19. Way to waste time instead of working – being silly with the kids.

20. Student excuse for late work -- “I couldn't get the paper done. (Pause) I'm in love.”

21. Reality show – No, thanks. If they can't be bothered to write it, I can't be bothered to watch it.

22. Jewelry on a man – Nope. I feel the same way about tattoos on women. Call me retro, but there it is.

23. Pizza topping – It's all about the sauce. Novices forget this.

24. Children's movie – Finding Nemo or Cars. I also consider Matilda grossly underrated.

25. Celebrity you wish would retire -- Carrot Top.

Tagging -- Aunt B., Danigirl, and anyone who wants to play along.

Have you tried reading the comic strip Frazz? It usually makes me laugh and it makes me think this is what Calvin would have been as a grown up.
DeLong? Seriously? A little bit of my Dean Dad love just died.
Oh lookit that, here I am with nothing to blog about and 15 minutes on my hands. Thanks!

"I enjoyed it so much it became socially awkward." Snort!
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