Thursday, June 17, 2010


If I Could Bottle That...

A few weeks ago, we went to a local photographer to get some family portraits done. Last night we went back to see the proofs. On the way back home:

TW: I hope they can do something about my tooth. I hate the way it looks.

DD: I didn’t notice it.

TW: Well, I did.

DD: Maybe I was distracted by my Incredible Growing Forehead. It’s a fivehead.

TW: It’s not so bad.

DD: I look like an alien.

TW: TB, what did you think?

TB: All I could see was my scar.

DD: I didn’t see your scar!

TW: It wasn’t even noticeable!

TB: It was huge.

TW: We’re our own worst critics. TG, what did you see?

TG (cheerfully): Nothing!

And she’s right.

If you want to get some family portraits, than you must have to see for some professional photographers; otherwise the picture will just useless for you. As you have mentioned here some pitfalls that the local photographers has made.

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It's funny; I was convinced when I was younger that I was just an ugly person who photographed poorly. Now, I look at those pictures . . . I looked fine.

Eye of the beholder, and all that.
You realize she'll be saying the same sorts of things before you know it because that's what you're teaching her.
Who taught DD and TW?
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