Friday, October 01, 2010


Exasperated Sigh

How do people with day jobs and school-aged kids write books?

Many of them don't.

I wrote my dissertation with both of those things by writing early in the morning, late in the evening, and throughout most weekend days. It was painful, but temporary.
Right now, that's how mine is getting done. The problem is, the wife also works 80 hours a week and I have a 3-hour commute. Want to babysit?
"Kids, there's a new rule. Your bed-time is 5:30 PM."
This link may help: A Working Mother's Guide to Writing a Novel.
Some people seem to have rather more 'ingenious' solutions to the there-are-only-24-hours-in-a-day 'problem'.
Probably not the ideal role model:
Ex-Dean Accused of Using Students as Servants
How do people with day jobs and school-aged kids write in an amazing blog every single day with really insightful, thoughtful, and well-reasoned posts?
Thousands? And for many of them, it's not a temporary condition.

Many writers (especially of genre fiction) do not earn enough from their writing to support themselves. hence the "job jobs" many of them have. Along with the children, which are not typically "jobs," but as essential to their lives as your kids, DD, are to your life.

I'm not trying to minimize the strain all t his creates. But don't let it get you down, either.
Just image that another blog becomes a book and then a movie! Nah, couldn't happen, right??? lol
I too have a day job and kids. I wrote early in the morning and on weekends. And spouse pitched in with doing more, much more, than his share. Getting a book to its final form is an intense time commitment - the one giving birth to the book needs support from the spouse/significant other, especially with kids.
You could collect your blog articles into a book. However, although that was the genesis of "How to Teach Physics to your Dog", Chad wrote it on a one-semester sabbatical ... and you would face pseudo-issues that he did not.

There is, ironically, very good advice to faculty, published the same day on IHE. That advice, which applies equally to faculty at teaching intensive colleges with a publication requirement (e.g. regional comprehensives) or someone who would rather do research full time than write up the results for publication, is excellent.

I would put particular emphasis on scheduling your OPTIMAL writing time, but that might go hand in hand with the "write first, e-mail second" issue related to distractions. Don't waste those times when words and ideas flow by answering e-mail or working on your blog. For example, Chad also reduced his blogging while finishing his book.
I stay up writing until 2:30 am (sometimes) and wake up at 4:00 to write (sometimes) and try not to do both on the same morning!

Actually, writing has been easier the past 2 years because we now live walking distance from school, music lessons, gymnastics, etc....

This is my first visit to your blog and I really enjoy reading your thoughts.
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