Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Diversity Begins at Home

The Wife is Catholic, and I’m not. She’s raising the kids Catholic, though we’ve negotiated some boundaries on that.

The Boy has a friend who is a Jehovah’s Witness, which occasioned the following discussion in the car on the way home from Mass. (I wasn’t there; this is according to TW.)

TB: He doesn’t believe the same things I believe, but it’s still okay to be friends with him, right?

TW: Of course! Good people believe all kinds of different things, and they’re still good people. Like I’m Catholic, and so are you, and so is TG, but Daddy is...

(long pause)

The Girl: Daddy!


You probably haven't taught her "godless heathen" yet, right?
I still can't believe educated people believe it's fine to brainwash their children--whose brain's plasticity is at its most moldable and who cannot legally consent--about non-existent sky-wizards.

Harsh, but still. You should know better.
Anonymous, how rude. I can't believe educated people believe it's fine to disrespect other educated people's beliefs and what they teach their children. DD was sharing a story with us that he felt was very heartwarming and you had to go and try to ruin it. Shame on you.
Jumping from neural plasticity to complex behaviors like religious belief would require you to show that alterations to neural plasticity have a measurable impact on religious belief. Your error here is attempting to connect two different levels of analysis, when no evidence exists for the connection.

I'm somewhat amused to see that someone has simultaneously thrown stones (non-existent sky-wizards), and constructed their own glass house within the space of three sentences.

Nice job there.
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