Friday, October 14, 2011


The Girl, Political Philosopher

Earlier this week, The Girl and I did a grocery run. The following exchange occurred in the ice cream aisle.

TG (sighing): It must be nice to be in charge.

DD: What?

TG: It must be nice to be in charge! You get to decide what everyone will do!

DD: Well, sometimes it can be nice. But sometimes it’s not.

TG: Why not?

DD: Because sometimes you have to make a decision that people don’t like, and then they get mad at you.

TG: Just let them vote on it!

DD (suppressing a laugh): That’s not always an option.

TG: Why not?


DD: What would happen if your teacher asked the class to vote on whether to do math or to have recess?

TG: We’d vote for recess!

DD: Probably. But then how would you learn math?


TG: It must be nice to already know math.

Thanks for the Friday chuckle.
Love it! What a great story!! Happy Weekend!!
Amusingly, it's in some ways nicer to learn math. OTOH, once you know calculus, the universe is an endless panoply of awesome.
Taken in conjunction with your report on the math problems being encountered by your older child, I have to voice my concern about the message your daughter is trying to send you about her math teacher.
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