Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Point of Personal Privilege

There is no excuse for 7:00 a.m. meetings.

That is all.

I have no objection to 7:00 AM meetings...PROVIDED the person calling the meeting provides MASS quantities of coffee.
To me, a 7 AM meeting implies that said meeting probably doesn't need to happen. If that's literally the only time that works for everyone involved, what's the real problem here?

Even if everyone involved is an organized morning person, that's still an early start with expectations to arrive, discuss and execute.
An emergency meeting can be held at 7. A scheduled meeting? not so much. Unless it's between the top 3 people in a large organization. They can do whatever they want if it affects only them. And even then, I'm suspicious.
Try a 2 hour conference call starting at 7am. When I remember to call in, it's all I can do to stay awake. Half the time, I'm laying in bed with my phone on speaker and the TV on mute.

It's a call with our Asia and Europe offices, so I understand the time but boy does 7am suck.
As long as you stop the 4 pm meetings that go past 5 pm. Daycare is only 9 hours. I am the one who picks up our little one and I am the one the prepares dinner.
Did it have an agenda distributed the evening before?

I can see it now:
1) announcement
2) reaction to announcement without time to reflect on it.

Of course there's an excuse. "Because I'm a bastard, and I hate you all, and what better way can I express my contempt than to drag you to work far too early for civilized humans?"

That'd be my go-to answer for why. It's certainly the most logical.
As Anon 5:32 points out, if the argument is that this is tough on parents, so are late-afternoon meetings.
I've got no objections. I'm usually in by 7 anyway — I get to dodge traffic, and that's when parents start dropping their kids off at the school so someone needs to be there.

(for reference, school hours are 8:45 to 3:00.)

If DD could explain why a half-hour 8 AM meeting is considered an incredible inconvenience, yet a half-hour 3:15 meeting that starts at 4 because people were 'busy with students' isn't, I'd understand more about the world.
4:30 pm meetings is a good tool for dictatorial bosses-- his dictum will prevail because no one is going to start discussions.

These no longer happen. The last time one was scheduled happened when the Chairman was to address us plebeians. We had been at work since 8:30 am, and he saunters in at 2:30 pm with a laptop and a latte, a coworker whisks him away to some kind of inauguration and cocktail even about 2 miles away.

He was not back at 4:30 pm , but at 5:10 pm he drives into the parking lot and I saw him staring blankly at the employees who were driving out of the parking lot.

The next morning, at 8:30 am, he exacted revenge-- they closed the offices and caused us to watch the videotape of the chairman addressing the United Nations, but he was not there, as he never woke up until mid-day.
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