Thursday, July 18, 2013


Vacations at Various Ages

0-11: I hope we get to go to the zoo/amusement park/grandma’s house!

12-18: Great.  Parents.

18-27: Vacation?  Vacation?  I’m broke as ^%#)^#.  What’s a vacation?

28-30: Finally!  Let’s see the sights we’ve always wanted to see!

31-40: Is it kid-friendly?  Where will we eat?  Don’t forget the pack’n’play, exersaucer, sippy cups, umbrella stroller, portable changing pad (it’s a thing), baby wipes, medical records, strategically chosen stuffed animals, animal crackers, and LeapPads.

41-:  Screw it.  Get in the car.

We’re loading up the family truckster and heading west for a while, so the blog will be on a break.  See you on Monday, July 29.

Stumbled on this series of podcast interviews with Sonny Rollins by JazzVideoGuy when I was searching for one of the videos I posted and thought TB would be interested. A bit of schooling to fill the break between a vacation trip and the start of school!

This is the first in a series of 8 videos, but there are other good ones in his long list of videos.
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