Thursday, December 12, 2013


Top Ten Overused Words on Campus in December

An alert reader -- hi Mom! -- sent me Linkedin’s top ten most overused words.  In the spirit of customization, I’ll take a shot at applying that to college campuses in December.

1. Please!
2. finals
3. extension
4. WHAT?
5. grading
6. registration
7. complaint
8. unfair
9. tired
10. please (again)

I ruled out “coffee” on the grounds (no pun intended) that coffee, by definition, cannot be overused.

Wise and worldly readers, which words would you nominate?

"extra credit"--not a word, but definitely an overused phrase.
"when" -- as in "when will the grades be up?," usually asked within 24 hours of submitting a paper slightly after an extended deadline.
I've had "when?" asked within 5 minutes of class dismissal after they took a test. I told them that their faith in my powers astounded me!
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