Thursday, November 06, 2014


Time Travel with a Ten Year Old

The Girl has a bit of the philosopher in her.  Sometimes it catches me off-guard.

The Girl and I, driving home from some errands last night:

TG: I wonder why we find animals cute.  I mean, back in caveman times, furry things could attack us!

Me: That’s true…

TG  Finding a leopard cub cute could mean getting attacked!

Me: Yes, it could.

TG: There’s a difference between cute and pretty.  Puppies are cute, but they aren’t usually pretty.

Me: No.

TG: And butterflies are pretty, but they aren’t really cute.

Me: That’s true.  I’ve seen sunsets that were pretty, but I’ve never called one cute.

TG: You know, if someone from hundreds of years ago overheard us, he’d be like, “you must have a lot of time on your hands to talk about what’s pretty and what’s cute.”

Me: Probably.

TG: He’d be like, “I spend all day chopping wood to survive!  And you get to talk about puppies and kittens!”

Me: (laughing)

TG: I wonder what someone from the 1800’s would like the most if he suddenly appeared here.  Maybe television.  They’d think it was magic!

Me: Or cars.

TG: Or airplanes!

Me: It depends on who it is, too.  Like if it was a woman, she’d be excited that she could wear pants in public.

TG: And vote!

Me: And own property, and have her own job.

TG: Yeah, it must have stunk for women back then.  I bet she wouldn’t want to go back!

Me: Probably not.

TG: And we can play Minecraft on the computer!  They didn’t have Minecraft back then.

If this were FB, I'd click "Like." As it is, I'll just say that you have one heck of a kid there.

Color me impressed.
Charming. You are wise to make a record of this, and generous to share it with your readers.

You made my day. Again.
Awww... that's cute. So, yeah, TG is the same age as my youngest (remember I went on a bit of an archives reading binge the other day ;-)

In any case, I love her discussion or aesthetic preferences being something that would have been "useless" back in the day but it's so important to us today. Good moment to talk about the value of art & literature (things I value/love and I hope to instill this love in my kids).

My 10 y.o. is also quite the little philosopher, but he doesn't appreciate me sharing his antics in the blog. Sigh... So, thanks to you and TG for this post!
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