Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cub Reporters

The kids had their first day of school in their new town this week.  I needn’t have worried; they’re resilient and likable, and immediately clicked with new classmates.  The Girl, entering sixth grade, was excited to have Drama Club, Model UN, and STEM Club as options.  (As a veteran of Model UN, I’ll admit to some parental pride on that one.  To this day, I can’t hear “point of information?” without flashing back.)  The Boy has already joined the marching band, and is planning to join cross-country for the fall and basketball for the winter.

I had to smile at the difference between the first-day reports, though.  The Girl, eleven, gave a twenty-minute play-by-play, with details, names, and impressions.  The Boy, fourteen, just smiled and said that someone farted in Biology.  He considered that a full report.

Further bulletins as events warrant...