Monday, January 02, 2006

Shaking Off the Rust

And...we’re back.

Thanks to everyone who left such thoughtful comments. The break was great, and badly needed. If not for the confines of anonymity, I’d post a few pictures of The Boy and The Girl; there’s one of The Girl in a Santa hat that makes all who see it bust out laughing.

Some highlights of the break:

Me, resigned: “Don’t pile-drive your sister.”

The Girl’s mouth forming a perfect ‘O’ when we first turned on the lights on the tree.

Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Reading actual books.

The Boy: Why are turtles slow?
The Wife: Because they have tiny legs.
The Boy: Mice have tiny legs, and they’re fast!
The Wife: um...

We had imitation lutefisk – this year, it was tilapia – and it was lovely.

A week without office politics is sheer heaven.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled life...