Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Mysteries of Space, with The Boy

Last night, as we were reading a book about the solar system:

DD (from the book): The sun has another 5 billion years left to burn.

The Boy: Daddy, will all the people be gone by then?

DD: Probably.

TB: Well then who will watch the earth?

DD: God will.

TB: Will God make new people to watch the earth?


DD: I don't know. That's up to God.

Later in the same book....

TB: What is water made of?

DD: Hydrogen and oxygen.

TB: What are those?

DD: Gases.

TB: Oh. Is it easy to make water?

DD: Well...

TB: It sounds easy, but I think it would be hard. Gases are hard to catch. They're like air!

Still later in the same book...

DD: Jupiter is a gas giant.

TB: Like Daddy! (roars with laughter)

I'm just glad he doesn't know enough yet to make Uranus jokes.