Monday, November 13, 2006

No Sheep

Sunday night, at the dinner table:

The Wife: TB, Daddy and I have a conference with your teacher next week. She'll tell us all about how well you're doing at school.

The Boy: At listening?

TW: Yes, and reading, and math, and being nice to your friends.

TB: And listening?

TW: Yes, and we know you're doing really well.

TB: At listening?

TW: What is the fixation with listening? School is more than listening. We don't want you to be a sheep.

The Girl (sweetly): No sheep.

DD: (muffled laugh)

TW shoots me the “you're not helping” look.

TB: Sheep?

TW: You shouldn't just take orders. School is about learning.

TB: Learning to listen?


I shouldn't worry. TB and I had a good conversation about that on Saturday.

TB: I wish I was six.

DD: Why?

TB: 'Cause if I was older, I'd know more. I want to learn things faster! I'm tired of not knowing things!

That's my boy. No sheep here.