Saturday, December 30, 2006

Whatever Gets You Through the Night...

The Girl has had a cough, off-and-on, for a few days now. It's much worse at night. Last night she had a particularly bad coughing fit, during which The Wife went to her room and gave her some Mucinex. A half-hour later, she was up coughing again, yelling “Me want medicine!”

She thinks that medicine works immediately. If only it were so...

Since you aren't supposed to give more than one dose every four hours, but she wouldn't stop chanting “Me want medicine!” and we all needed the sleep, I decided that drastic measures were in order.

I took the dosing spoon (aside: love them dosing spoons! They're hollow tubes, with spoon-scoops at th end. The tube has calibrations on it, so you can pour a teaspoon or two of medicine into it as needed and give it to the kid directly. Genius, I tells ya.) downstairs and put in a teaspoon of orange juice. When I got back upstairs I gave it to her, letting her believe it was her medicine. The room was dark, and she wanted to believe it, so she did. She actually went back to sleep, and eventually, so did we. In an odd way, I'm actually proud of this.

Placebos: they're not just for breakfast anymore!