Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Thinking Bloggers

As regular readers know, I don't usually do memes, but it would be ungracious to pass up this one. Another Damned Medievalist named me a thinking blogger, which tickles me to no end. (The award is given to blogs that provoke thought.) It's nice to be noticed.

One of the rules of being named a thinking blogger is that you're supposed to name five others. Some obvious candidates have already been tagged, and it seems like I always point to the same three or four people. (How many times can I say nice things about tiny cat pants before it becomes just silly?) So in the spirit of calling attention to folks who've earned more than they get, my nominees, in alphabetical order:

  1. Aspazia. I discovered her only recently, but quickly became a fan. Her meditation on the issues particular to female professors actually provoked a small cascade of responses, of which mine was one. She did one recently on undergraduate hookup habits in which she noticed that, for many of her students, it's more about projecting an image (“look at the caliber of hottie I can get!”) than any actual hedonism. It sounds right, but it's incredibly disturbing; anybody who can pull off that fine-tuned an insight regularly is someone I'll read faithfully.

  2. Cold Spring Shops. My back-and-forth with this Midwestern economist didn't start well – I remember being called a “true REMF,” which isn't nice at all – but when you skip the model train entries, he's usually interesting. There's a particular kind of conservative who can usually be counted on to at least make you think more carefully about your positions, even if you wind up staying where you are. Being reminded of other points of view in a thoughtful and honest way keeps me honest, which is a real service.

  3. Evil HR Lady. Aside from one of the cooler titles in blogging, Evil HR Lady brings some really valuable perspective from the HR office. As with academic administrators, HR folks are frequently speculated about, but rarely heard from. She does a great job of outlining what the world looks like when you actually care about things like lawsuits. She also takes questions, which I find endearing. Her politics are not mine, from what little I've sussed out, but she's always interesting and frequently funny. Check her out.

  4. Lesboprof. I know Lesboprof IRL, so this may be slightly unfair, but a hell of a writer is a hell of a writer, old friend or not.. Her recent piece on Ted Haggard skipped the easy snark and went to a level both more thoughtful and more humane than any other piece I've seen. Knowing her, it's not surprising, but you don't have to know her to enjoy her stuff. Her post on cursing inspired my own, and I have a note to do one on her 'epiphanies' entry. Good stuff.

  5. Oso Raro. (“Slaves of Academe”) I know what you're thinking – sheesh, another gay lefty academic of color? -- but his illustrated essays are always worth checking out. His style is an interesting blend of arch and self-deprecating, which isn't an easy balance. His essays are sort of like palimpsests, with jokey/clever links and wise insights. Highly recommended.

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