Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Occupational Certificates

In a never-ending quest to serve demonstrated needs, we're considering developing certificate programs in some newly emerging professions:

  1. Celebrity Gossip Blogger. Make big bucks while sitting at home by copying and pasting pictures of Britney and Lindsay and TomKat and saying catty things about them! Learn to coin nicknames, dodge lawsuits, and snark your way onto daytime tv. No composition courses required!

  1. Help Line Expert. Master the phrase “have you tried rebooting?” Blame the software. Blame the peripherals. Blame the user. No computer science courses required!

  1. Fox News Blonde. 1/3 hair and makeup, 1/3 Pilates, 1/3 Republican talking points. No history, political science, or economics courses required!

  1. HMO Claims Rejecter. Learn to do battle with the sick and dying, and make money while doing it! Master such non-sequiturs as “your daughter's birth wasn't covered, since her name wasn't on the original enrollment form.” Keep a straight face while saying that unconsciousness is no excuse for failing to get a referral from a primary-care physician. Learn the difference between 'authorizing' a test and 'paying for it.' No Ethics courses required!

  2. Mortgage Risk Assessor. Learn to hum “Don't Worry, Be Happy” when borrowers don't document their income. What could possibly go wrong? No math required!

  1. Airline Price Setter. Ideal career for folks with untreated ADHD, or absurdist senses of humor. Opportunities for advancement include Itinerary Maker – Columbus to Boston via Phoenix? Why not? Absolutely no geography or math required!

Wise and worldly readers – what would you add?