Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Revenge of the Nerds

Apparently, there's a candy now called "Nerds." The Boy got some in his Halloween loot, and opened the box after dinner last night.

The following ensued.


The Wife: (chuckle)

DD: Ouch.

TB: I like nerds!

The Wife and DD: (chuckle)

TB: Mmm. Nerds are sweet.

TW/DD: (snarfle)

(TB spills some.)

TB: Uh-oh! There's a nerd by The Girl!

TW: There certainly is.

DD: Harumph.

TW: How do you feel about that, DD?

DD: Exposed. I've been outed.

TB: Huh?

DD: Do you know what a nerd is?

TB: No.

DD: Good.

TW: Someday, you'll hear that there's a nerd by TG.

DD: She could do a lot worse.

TW (smiling wryly): Mmm-hmm...