Friday, September 26, 2008

Raising Future Writers

I think the kids picked up the 'obsessed with language' gene. Two vignettes from last night's dinner:

The Wife: TG, tell Daddy what you said at school today.

The Girl (earnestly): Daddy, 'tushie' is more appwopwiate than “heinie.”

So now we know.


The Boy: During recess, Dylan got hit in the you-know-whats.


TB: You know, the nuts.

Got it, thanks.

There's something humbling, and a little frightening, about seeing your own quirks reflected back to you in your kids. They're already impressively precise in their language, and attuned to how they're heard. This means I get away with nothing. It also means I know they're in for a bumpy ride in adolescence. But I'll admit to some parental pride in hearing my four-year-old tell me what's appwopwiate.