Thursday, October 30, 2008

Training Young Voters

Last week, The Wife decided that it was time to teach The Boy and The Girl about voting.

She converted a spent box of Puffs into a ballot box, and decorated it accordingly. Now we have occasional referenda, complete with preliminary speeches and secret ballots.

On Sunday, we had a discussion about what kind of face to put on this year's jack o'lantern: happy or scary.

TB gave a talk on behalf of 'scary.' I gave one on behalf of 'happy.' All four of us voted, TG getting a little help with her ballot, and 'scary' won, 3 to 1.

TW asked TG why we went with scary. TG replied "because more people voted for scary." I beamed.

I won't give them the electoral college version of the game until they're older. The electoral college frightens small children, who know a monster when they see one.

Now we're looking for good questions for voting. (And we're already decided that "what do we want for dinner" is too pedestrian.) Wise and worldly readers -- any thoughts?