Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Wish List for 2012

1.  The Girl actually -- and I am not making this up -- asked for her two front teeth for Christmas.  As she put it, utterly deadpan, missing her front teeth “makes it hard to eat apples.”  I thought she had a pretty good point.

2. Some successful hires at the college.

3. A year without hurricanes, earthquakes, microbursts, extended blackouts...

4. The state finally figures out that “workforce development” includes sending students on for bachelor’s degrees, and some funding follows.

5. We finally get real, viable competition among internet providers.  Actual choice.

6. The Boy gets at least another year of relative immunity to the inevitable cruelties of early adolescence.

7. President Obama remembers that he’s a Democrat.  He forgets sometimes.

8. My wise and worldly readers have a wonderful year.  

Program note: the blog will take a brief break, returning on Tuesday, January 3.  See you in 2012!