Thursday, March 01, 2012

Friday Fragments

The glow from many things fades as one gets older.  But snow days stay wonderful.


I have to admit enjoying Senator Santorum’s assertion that Satan controls higher education in America.  To be fair, there is some evidence for his claim.   If you’ve ever tried finding a student parking space around noon on a Tuesday in September at a major public university, you know that Satan has major influence in the world of parking deck architecture.  And the proliferation of graduate programs in an era of decreasing full-time faculty jobs definitely carries the cloven hoofprints of Big Red.  

That said, I always assumed Satan had serious money to throw around.  After all, he’d have all those bankers, lawyers, and venture capitalists on his side.  He may be the prince of darkness, but he’s supposed to at least be sporting some serious bling.

Instead, we public academics work in cinder-block brutalist buildings with water leaks, while the laywers and financiers have enough money to sponsor people like Senator Santorum.

Satan, we have to talk.  You’re not upholding your end of the bargain.  I’m very disappointed in you.  Bad Satan!  Bad!


Meanwhile, Maryland just legalized same-sex marriage.  8 down, 42 to go.  Well done, Maryland.


Can you imagine Satan’s outcomes assessment metrics?  

By the end of your sojourn into the underworld, you will be able to

- gnash teeth and rend garments simultaneously
- regrow flesh quickly from one flaying to the next
- sit through an entire episode of Real Housewives without making a single snarky aside


Earlier this week The Boy reported that as part of an exercise in the library, they had to figure out who the Huguenots were.  Somehow I remembered, and told him.  His jaw actually fell open.  The Wife laughed and started singing “nerd nerd nerd, you are a nerd...” to the tune of “Bird is the Word.”  

The liberal arts begin at home, people.


Any tips for decent, Windows-based video editing software?  The Boy wants to go from basic stop-motion Lego videos to full-on Lego movies, and I don’t want to have to buy a Mac just for that.  Our laptop is a couple of years old and wasn’t top of the line even then, so we’re looking for the basics here.


I’m dusting off the trenchcoat and fedora to reprise my “roving correspondent” role at the League for Innovation conference next week.  It’s in Senator Santorum’s home state, come to think of it, so if I see the Senator, Satan, or both, I’ll be sure to say hi.