Monday, August 20, 2012

Adjunct Materials

This one is particularly for the experienced adjuncts, especially those who frequently teach in multiple settings.

What materials do you find the most useful, when you get a class at a new department?  

(Yes, I know, some would just appreciate a full-time paycheck, medical insurance, etc.  I know.  Let’s just stipulate that and move on.)

I’m asking because some of the departments here are taking a fresh look at some of what they provide, and I’d like to make the handouts as useful as possible.

Are sample assignments useful?  Sample student work?  Suggested reading lists?  

In my own adjuncting days, I wasn’t given much: in one memorable case, all I got was the one-paragraph course description from the catalog.  While the freedom was nice, I couldn’t help but wonder how closely what I did actually matched what the course was supposed to achieve.  There was really no way of knowing.

What would you find useful?