Thursday, November 06, 2014

Time Travel with a Ten Year Old

The Girl has a bit of the philosopher in her.  Sometimes it catches me off-guard.

The Girl and I, driving home from some errands last night:

TG: I wonder why we find animals cute.  I mean, back in caveman times, furry things could attack us!

Me: That’s true…

TG  Finding a leopard cub cute could mean getting attacked!

Me: Yes, it could.

TG: There’s a difference between cute and pretty.  Puppies are cute, but they aren’t usually pretty.

Me: No.

TG: And butterflies are pretty, but they aren’t really cute.

Me: That’s true.  I’ve seen sunsets that were pretty, but I’ve never called one cute.

TG: You know, if someone from hundreds of years ago overheard us, he’d be like, “you must have a lot of time on your hands to talk about what’s pretty and what’s cute.”

Me: Probably.

TG: He’d be like, “I spend all day chopping wood to survive!  And you get to talk about puppies and kittens!”

Me: (laughing)

TG: I wonder what someone from the 1800’s would like the most if he suddenly appeared here.  Maybe television.  They’d think it was magic!

Me: Or cars.

TG: Or airplanes!

Me: It depends on who it is, too.  Like if it was a woman, she’d be excited that she could wear pants in public.

TG: And vote!

Me: And own property, and have her own job.

TG: Yeah, it must have stunk for women back then.  I bet she wouldn’t want to go back!

Me: Probably not.

TG: And we can play Minecraft on the computer!  They didn’t have Minecraft back then.