Sunday, August 07, 2005


Theology, with The Boy

Actual conversation, a few nights ago. Keep in mind, The Boy is four.

TB: Dad, do you come back to the same house?
DD: What?
TB: When you die, does God put you back in the same house?
DD: No, you stay with God in heaven.
TB:(Sudden tears) But I’ll miss my toys! (Bawling)
DD:(Oh, crap.)
DD: There are lots of toys in heaven. God and the angels want you to be happy.
TB:(Still bawling) But I’ll miss my house!
DD: You can still see your house from heaven. And heaven is a pretty great place to be. Everybody’s happy, and you’re surrounded by people who love you.
TB: Will [The Girl] be there?
DD: Well, someday. Eventually, we all will.
TB: When?
DD: Not for a long time. First you have to grow up, and have kids, and get old. And your kids will be our grandkids, and you’ll be a Daddy like me, and I’ll be a Grandpa.
TB:(Laughs) That’s silly. You’re a Daddy.
DD: Well, yes. But someday maybe I’ll be a Grandpa.
TB: Is heaven in space?
DD: No, it’s higher than that. We can’t see it from here.
TB: Does it have a floor? Why don’t you fall?
DD: I don’t know. I guess it has a floor.
TB: You don’t know what you’re talking about.
TB: I don’t know what you’re talking about, either. (Laughs)

He's only four??? Oh, Dean Dad, you're going to have a lawyer or a philosopher on your hands.
Genuine laugh out loud snort of enjoyment on this end... I love the Boy! And you, my friend, are going to have your hands more than full with that one!!
thanks, this was really fun to read!
I think TB and Professor Bitch's PK should get together ...
Ha ha ha ha! Haaa haaa! This post made me laugh until I cried, then I showed it to my cousin who is on her way to ordination as a priest and she howled too.

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