Sunday, October 09, 2005

GirlZilla Attacks!

The Girl has hit her stride.

On Saturday night, as I was reading to The Boy on his bed, The Girl escaped the bathroom (where The Wife was drying her off from a bath) and stomped, nude, into The Boy’s room, with wet hair slicked back and arms stretched over her head. Her gait is tricky anyway, and she really looked like a cherubic Godzilla.

On Sunday, TG discovered that if she positioned herself in front of the couch, grabbed the cushion with one hand, and raised her right leg about 120 degrees, she could pull herself up on her belly. After a few tries, she got it down to a single, quick, smooth motion. When she gets up there, she immediately lies back and throws her arms out, smiling wide. I wouldn’t worry about it, except that she hasn’t mastered the dismount yet. (She did one that resembled a single-gainer. Not good.) So what used to be a reasonably baby-safe place isn’t anymore. Now there’s no safe place to put her when one of us, say, has to go to the bathroom.

Beware the wrath of GirlZilla!