Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Who Would Play You in a Movie?

An English professor told me yesterday that I look like Gig Young, whoever that is. She reminded me of one of my favorite games. If a major studio made a movie in which you were a major character, who would play you?

It’s trickier than you’d think. There’s physical resemblance, of course, but the actors who most look like you might not capture you best. For example, my striking resemblance to Keanu Reeves notwithstanding, he could never sound like me. :-)

Anthony Edwards could get the personality, but we don’t look much alike. John Cusack could definitely do it, if I’m allowed to ‘round up’ on looks. David Morse, when he was younger. Matthew Broderick, if he were taller. Linus, from Peanuts.

The Wife? Lauren Graham. Brooke Shields or a taller Sandra Bullock could do it. Wendie Malick, about 20 years ago. Sally, from Peanuts.

The Boy? The Tasmanian Devil, from Looney Tunes. Dash, from The Incredibles. Animal, from the Muppets. Snoopy.

The Girl? She couldn’t be captured on film. Woodstock, maybe.

Who would play you?