Wednesday, December 21, 2005


The Quotable Boy

Work issues recently have been much too sensitive to blog about. Luckily, The Boy is an unending source of quotes.

Describing his sister’s runny nose: “She’s drooling boogers!”

(After farting) “It’s fun to be disgusting!”

“Work is boring.”

“Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, but we’ll eat the cake.”

“Me and Ashley are gonna get married.”
Did you ask her parents?
“I forgot.”
Ask them tomorrow at school.
“Okay, but I’m gonna miss you guys.”
Why are you going to miss us?
“When we get married and get our own house.”

Watching Oprah, with The Wife:
“I like cheerleaders.”
What do you like about them?

"When you're in an airplane and you fly above the clouds,
how come you don't see God and Jesus?"
They're higher up than that.
"There's no gravity in heaven?"
That's right.

The older I get, the more I define heaven as the absence of gravity.

I love these quotes! Pistola has come up with some whoppers lately as well. I may have to follow your lead and post them. :)
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