Friday, January 27, 2006


Zoology, with The Boy

Last night at dinner, apropos of nothing, completely serious:

The Boy: Daddy, did you know there's an animal called the mallrat?

LOL! Just wait until he learns about puck bunnies....
I laughed aloud at this.
Hubba hubba! Hey, if your preschooler has ALREADY discovered 14 year old girls, you my friend are in trouble!!
Wow, learn something new every day.

Thank goodness for Urbandictionary, otherwise I'd never have known what a puck bunny is!
I'm glad I'm not the only one who had to look up puck bunny.
Glad to to contribute to the vocabulary development of the blogosphere!
LOL, awesome! What did you say? Did you say, "oh really?" and go along with it, or try to explain?
This is so cute!!
OK -- should I be happy that I correctly deduced the etymology of puck bunny before looking it up, or sad that my mind is so low ...
I just went along with it, but The Wife asked "what do mallrats look like?" The Boy explained that they're brown and slow.

I let it pass.

Puck bunnies is a new one for me. Back in The Land That Time Forgot, where I grew up, we called them Donnas.
Could someone help this ancient one? Just what is the "puck bunny?
Anon - that's what Google is for! But as a special service I'll let you in on it. Puck bunnies are young women who hang around hockey rinks trying to pick up (usually male) hockey players. In the upper year leagues (the guys are usually 14 and up) the players often get shipped off to some Hockey Mecca (usually a small town with nothing else of note going on besides a hot hockey team) so they are without the usual parental controls, something that puck bunnies and players often take advantage of. If you ever visit anywhere like Peterborough Ontario, you'll run into the species Puck Bunnius and their prey.
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