Friday, May 05, 2006


How to Give an IT Director Fits

Warning: Only use this strategy when you have easy access to a defibrillator.

“I’ve been thinking, wouldn’t it be cool to transition the entire division to Macs?”


That's just plain EVIL!
Ah, don't I wish that would happen here!

We have 3 Macs at home (yup, I'm married to a filmmaker) and I'm on an especially crappy PC here at work.
You like to see folks squirm, don't you? :)

Here at my university the music faculty know more about Macs than the IT people do. So we support our own machines and they stay, for the most part, far, far away.
I, for one, think that would be a grand idea!
Or maybe transition the whole school to open source.... Including, of course, Moodle!
I'd love to do that just for fun...

and, because I love my mac...
I love my mac but I think transitioning my officemates to Apple would require more wholesale purchases of Excedrin than I can afford. These people are challenged by CTRL ALT DELETE. I won't even get into what happens to their mouse and kepyboard when their computers enter sleep mode.
I love Macs, wouldn't use anything else. But one problem they have is that they have style, which means you can instantly spot an outdated one. Kinda forces an upgrade more often than one might like.
No virus or spyware issues. Still have Office. As long as most of your laser printers are poscript, you should be fine.

NetBoot and System Imaging are nice, and much cheaper than RIS + Ghost!

Also, most system images are universal, it works unmodified on a latop or desktop.

The few Windows only apps you can run through Remote Desktop. Printing magically "just works" with this setup.

If you IT Director was smart, he'd love it in the long run.
That's true equality... Apple is always trying to outdo itself each year, unlike Windows who seems content adding one bell and half of a whistle to its OS every 2-3 years.
I love that idea! Macs are awesome - and it's fun to watch the IT folks squirm.
I fail to see why this would give any IT manager/director fits. It's an easy question to handle from a strategic viewpoint.

So, as I see it, there are 3 correct answers:

- I'll be happy to draw up a rough plan and numbers for you, but I can say there would be a lot of negatives during the transition, cost being the biggest.

- No. This doesn't work with our infrastructure and I have neither the staff nor funding to address those issues.

- Ha! Yea, wouldn't that be something. Good one, dude!

So, this is not to say I'm a Windows fanboy, I like and use Macs and Linux to the point I haven't had a Windows machine in 5+ years. But, global sweeping changes to an environment are generally fround upon by the people who have to do it (imagine re-org'ing your college every 3 years - ick).

That said, if you really want to see Macs become more popular, the tack to take would be to ask for more support, software and compatibility in your computing environment for Macs. Once the underlying support structure is equal, then people probably *will* choose Macs because it's no longer the less trodden path. Soon thereafter, world domination will just kinda happen peacably in the background :)
This is a timely URL for you then. I think there are 4 variations, hit refresh when you're done viewing,
Our IT guys can do the networking, etc., but are clueless with user-end desktop-level stuff. They refer help calls to either Graphic Design or Film & Media. Pretty much everyone I know in the humanities LOVES their Macs bcause it's always been easier to do foreign language work on Macs (and probably still is).

And they just look cooler.
Windows! Windows! I support the hegemony! :-P Better yet, bring back DOS! Real computer nerds use a text parser!
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