Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Best. Readers. Ever.

A while back I posted a question from someone going for a department chair position.

Check out the message she posted yesterday:

Update from the interviewee: I followed everyone's advice here at least somewhat, because it was all more than reasonable. Better alerted to the nature of the responsibilities and key questions by ancarett and CCD, the first part of the talk was restructured per lesboprof and psychprof. I also spoke with the previous head.

As a result, I arrived with a much clearer sense of where the department, its individual faculty, and my own self were going, and wanted to go. It was a relaxed, productive, positive experience all around. From an interviewed pool of 5, I got the nod. Thanks very much.


Thanks to ancarett, lesboprof, and psychprof specifically, and to all of my readers generally, for making the advice smarter than I could ever make it on my own. And congrats to the new chair!

I'm thrilled I was able to help out but I was merely riding on the dean's tailcoats with my additional comments.

I'm happy to say that I learned something from everyone's contributions to the discussion (all those wonderful links, too). That's what makes this blog such a great resource. Thanks, Dean Dad!
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