Friday, June 22, 2007


Blog Birthday Bits

Happy blogiversary Dean Dad! Hope you get some well deserved R&R.

... and now you've got me humming that tune! Ergh.
Vacations are good for the body and soul! Everyone should do it.

BTW, just want you to know that your blog is on my Daily Read list. As an educator, a father, and a viewer of the human condition, I really enjoy what you have to say. I often point your URL to my staff which we use as a point of discussion at dept. meetings. We've used your ideas, and ideas of your faithful readers, to improve our processes at my CC. Thank you for opening an honest discourse about CCs! YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN OUR INDUSTRY!!!!

John G
Happy Birthday!

Your input is invited. This article contends college is a poor investment:
Some good points. What do you think?
and happy holidays.
Have fun, and when you get back, read

and consider yourself tagged.
Take me out to the BUTT game.
Take me out to the BUTT.
Buy me some PENIS and cracker BUTT.
I don't BUTT if I ever get BUTT
For it's BUTT BUTT BUTT for the HOME BUTT.
If they don't win it's a BUTT.
For it's ONE TWO THREE BUTTS, you're out
At the old BUTT game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ A mother of three boys knows of what you speak.
Okay, I have experienced blog withdrawl! You must come back and blog again! The vaca is over and work MUST resume!!

Come back, little DD, come back!!
Happy Birthday!

Hope you had a great time...looking forward to the return.

I like the higher ed thinking, and the tb and tg anecdotes even more!
Oops! Forgot to mention, you have been tagged for the "8 things about me" meme. Check out my blog for the info...
John G -- That might be the nicest comment anybody has ever left. Thank you!

I'll start thinking about 8 things...
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