Friday, July 06, 2007


Where Are My Manners? A Belated Thank You

A belated "thank you!" to Dictyranger, who designed and donated the new logo for my blog over at IHE.

Check it out!

Yer welcome, DD. You're an easy client. :) The logo looks a little too dark on the IHE you want a slightly lighter version?

Oh: I don't have a blog, but here's two odd facts about me for the other thread:

1) I made Richard Harris laugh once. You know, the guy who played Dumbledore.

2) I know how to make urschleim.

OK, back to the grant now. (Third this year, second in two months. Due Monday. #4 is due August 15. Someday, I may actually get to do an experiment again.)
Ooo, did I miss the post where you told us about having a new home on IHE? Very nice, and a lovely banner, too. Congrats!!
Love the banner. Still nothing as cool as BitchPhD, but very nice!
No one is as cool as BitchPh.D. We try, but we fail.

And yes DD, nice new logo.

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