Friday, December 07, 2007


The True Cost of Rubber Chicken

The Fall rubber chicken circuit is in full swing again. Lots of evening events, celebrating all manner of good things. Each one worthwhile in itself, though they add up.

This morning, at home:

The Boy (weakly): I didn't get to play with you last night.


I'm going in late today, so we can walk to school together.

Yes, my 6 year old son has been waking up before I leave the house at 6 am every school day since Thanksgiving. Some mornings he sobs, some he just says "I don't want you to go to school today, Mommy." I'm in grad school to get out of adjunct hell, so I'm taking 3 classes and teaching 4 this semester. Today is the last day of classes though, just finals to get through. We can do it! Sorry DD, but at least I can promise him things will settle down once I finish this degree (right?)
The days are slow, but the years are fast! My son is 15 and these have been the fastest 15 years of my life.
Well, if you were taking classes at the Joan Crawford Skool of Parenting Skills, when undoubtedly adorable boy looked up at your with his big moist doe eyes, you would have made a quick change into a white luscious cotton robe with matching turban, and entoned from behind huge, menacing red ruby lips: "I will always beat you, Tina, I will always be BIGGER and FASTER!"

Perhaps not the effect you're looking for, but a nice image anyway (esp. imagining the robe over whatever you might have been wearing at that moment: a suit, a sweater, an old t-shirt).
I understand how a six year old can behave and these are important facets of development to cherish.
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