Friday, February 22, 2008


When Moppets Attack

The Girl is the cutest, most angelic looking three year old on the planet.

But don't be fooled.

Yesterday morning, as The Wife and I were upstairs getting ready, and The Boy and The Girl were downstairs, finishing their breakfast:

TB: Mo-ooooommmmm!

TW (sighing): What?

TB: TG said I suck!

DD: (stifled laugh)

TW: TG, did you say that?

TG (brightly): Sow-wy!

TW was mortified, but I was a little proud. TG may look like a girlie girl, but she takes no crap. Over time, this will be a good thing.

I just have to learn not to laugh out loud when she strikes.

It's tough trying to disguise your pride when it is not smart to let it be seen by others.

There are times when my son, who usually is the first to give in and try and appease others, fights back. Publicly, I chastise him. Inside, I am full of pride that he stood up for himself!
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