Tuesday, April 01, 2008


At dinner last night with The Wife, The Boy, and The Girl:

TW: How was CCD today?

TB: Good.

TW: Did you get to sit next to Kelsey?

TB: No, but I got really close.

TW: How close?

TB: Almost right next to her. She loves me.

TW: She does?

TB: Mm-hmm.

TW: How do you know when a girl loves you?


TB (smiling shyly): They give signs.

DD: (snuffled guffaw)

TW (accusingly): Did you teach him this?

DD: Hey, I'm innocent here.

TW: Did Daddy teach you this?

TB: No.

TW: You just noticed it on your own?

TB: Yeah.

TW: What kind of signs?

TB: You know, they smile like this. (creepy, almost inhuman smile)

DD: (snuffled guffaw)

TW: They do?

TB: Well, sometimes. Girls are confusing.

DD: That's true.

I thought I had a few more years before those conversations started...