Friday, June 06, 2008


From the Departments

- From the 'Signs of Hope' department: apparently, the top-selling vehicles in America for the last fifteen years have been trucks. In May, they were the Toyota Corolla and the Honda Civic. In my mind, the change is an unambiguous good. Now if the American carmakers could get their stuff together and produce some well-made, small, efficient cars that don't suck, we'd really be in better shape.

- From the 'Time Passes' department, an actual exchange with The Boy yesterday:

TB: Dad, what's a Walkman?


DD: It's like an ipod.

TB: Oh. Okay.

- From the 'Budding Critic' department, an actual exchange with The Girl from earlier this week, when we were listening to XM Kids in the car, and a slow version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" came on:

TG: I like the noisier songs.

DD: Me, too.

TG (forlorn): Songs like these just make me sad.

Her use of 'noisier' may be technically incorrect, but I knew exactly what she meant. And she nailed the tone.

- From the 'Algonquin Round Table' department, an actual dinnertime exchange, earlier this week:

TB: I bet Darth Vader had nasty farts.

DD: I wonder if they had that same breathing sound as his voice.

TW: He probably sighed afterwards.

DD: And had to swish his cape.

TB: (in a Darth Vader voice) The Force was strong in that one!

DD: (in a Darth Vader voice) My shorts have gone over to the dark side.

I don't even want to admit the total number of years of formal education represented in that exchange...

My four-year-old son who is in love with both farts and Star Wars has yet to bring the two of them together. So I see it as a sign of growth on your son's part:)
Corollas and Civics, huh? Not in Alabama, so far as I can see. It's still trucks. With gun racks.
Yeah, no Corollas and Civics in TX either! Nothing but giant trucks, with extra large tires and added-on kits to make them louder. And this is just what the girls drive! :0
Can I assume the comments about Alabama and Texas are meant as celebrations of our strong regional diversity in this great nation, and not a slanted "put down" of southerners that don't meet a liberal and/or displaced northerner's view of the world?
The truck was chosen, nearly 4 years ago, cause it was a good deal. Of course, this factored in the ability to handle a variety of Texas terrains, from the parking lots of the latest person to bribe you into helping them move to fording potholes that will immobilize a Camry, and it also took into account my need to own things that withstand my personal entropy-maximizing field as long as possible.

Though I like to bike in to campus whenever it is possible.
The chevy Tahoe Hybrid gets better city mileage than the Toyata Camry.
I think we should all drive the same vehicles from the fleet Al Gore is driven around in . . .
oh and of course Gubbmint (throught a highly punitive windfall profits tax) should pay for it!
I do not understand your irrational bias against domestic automakers. The ford focus was named a Consumer Reports best pick in the small car category a few years ago.
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