Monday, June 16, 2008


Indy's Dean

Although I kinda expected it to suck – which it did – this weekend I took TW to see the new Indiana Jones movie. She's had a thing for Harrison Ford ever since Star Wars, and she loved loved loved the first three Indy movies.

Nobody warned me that it was a comedy. I actually laughed out loud, hard, at this one:

The Dean: It's the FBI. They've ransacked your office!

Indy: But you're the dean of the college! Couldn't you stop them?

Me, in audience: HA!

Nobody else in the theater laughed. I thought it was the highlight of the movie.

Hubby and I are both faculty members -- so we found a lot of humor in that as well... from the start of the movie, I commented that Indy had a really lenient dean, as all the movies start and end on his college campus.... imaging writing all of that up on a faculty activity report... We also thought that for an adjunct he had a really nice office...
My favorite line in the movie was after Harrison Ford does some pretty awesome ass-kicking, his son asks, "You're a teacher?" And Indy replies drolly, "Part time."

Have you seen Iron Man? Much better, imho, but still good summer escapism.
I was presenting at conference at Yale while they were filming there. The production company made it a misery, taking over the entire campus and causing small, but persistent annoyances the enitire time we were there. What is it about film crews and over-inflated self-importance?
On a lighter note, I'm sure that everybody has seen this before, but the oldies are the best:
Indy's Tenure Denial
Love it when lines in the movie have such a connection to me and my life. It feels like an inside joke.
That's it! As an adjunct I demand a better office and some ass-kicking training! Where are those equipment requisition forms? I need to order a big hat and bullwhip.
My favorite part was (spoiler alert) that Indiana's reward for kicking the Russians out of South America was to become...Associate Dean!

We could not decide if the movie-makers were so completely ignorant of academia that this seemed like a good reward, or they were so familiar with it that they were poking fun. Probably the former.
What Theodora said: I thought his position at the end of the movie was even funnier than the line you quote in your post.
Didn't the Dean quit rather than fire Prof. Jones in response to pressure from the Board? That was right up there with all of the violations of Newton's Laws of physics.
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