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The Boy's Letter to President Obama

The Boy wrote a letter to President Obama in class, and brought it home today. In its entirety:

Dear Mr. President,

I think you should do everything you can to make this the best country ever! I think you should make more freedom. You should make no one smoke. Last of all you should make everyone happy.



“I think you should make more freedom.” I couldn't have said it better myself.

More freedom, but kill the smokers. The kid has a future as a New Yorker writer.
I must agree with TB here.

It is wrong for a government to make people smoke. People should have the freedom to CHOOSE that behavior, and not be forced into it.
My oldest daughter also wrote a letter to Obama as part of a class project. Her requests were:

Stop cutting down trees in the rain forest.
Give everyone free medicine. (Her version of universal health care.)

I'm beginning to think that when presidents start listening to the demands of children, we might actually make some progress.
OK, what sorts of things did children write to George Bush about in 2001?
Dear Son of Dean Dad,

Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it!
Obama has been trying to quit smoking for the last few years. If anything would drive me to smoke it would be being president with the current economy.
I do appreciate Anon's efforts to keep my stereotype of conservatives as "too stupid to breathe without wearing headphones to remind them" alive.
Such a bright kid1111 Such a talented writer!!
Say what you will about the anonymous postings, but they do point out the irony of asking for more freedom while simultaneously saying that we should "make" people stop a behavior.

I will give TB the benefit of the doubt. He is young.

I don't cut as much slack for academics.

And before you start talking about all the rights (or freedoms) that conservatives take away, that's kinda the point.

Liberals and conservatives are two sides of the same coin. They both want to be free to do certain things, and want to take freedoms away from people for those things which they don't approve.

Oh--and both sides feel justified in this because... why? "Well, we are right."
I heard it put this way once:

"Republicans want to take away your personal liberties, and Democrats want to take away your economic liberties."

Of course, the sentiment can easily be bumper-stickered (jingoed?):

"Fear the Police State? Loathe the Welfare State? VOTE LIBERTARIAN!"

[TB will one day read Solzenhytsin . . . (paraphrasing) "the line between good and evil runs not across political or geographical boundaries; the line between good and evil runs through each human heart." On the one hand, TB wants everyone to have liberty . . . but simultaneously wants to take their liberties away.]
I wish, and I am sure Pres. Obama wishes, that people who stop saddling him with these unrealistic expectations. He can't make our country better and he certainly can't save the world. After all, the man is only human (not superman). America will change for the better when the American people, "we", change for the better. When we start putting other's needs in front of our own, when we start treating others as we would be treated, and when we start doing the best we can to make this country great, that is when this country will change for the better. Until then things will only continue to get worse.

President Obama is in a no-win situation and he has been put there by many of his own supporters. That is unfair.

Hello, it's a letter from a very young boy. Get it?
I disagree -- Obama's supporters are consistently behind him when it looks like he's fighting and working hard and consistently critical when it looks like he isn't. He was quickly lauded for his recent TV address and movements toward strongarming the stimulus bill through the Senate.

He's been given a broad mandate and both Houses of Congress. It's time to do away with the filibuster and get some good work done.
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