Friday, February 27, 2009


Four, Going on Thirty

The Girl is four, with big innocent eyes and a smile that could melt the Grinch. She also has juuust a little vinegar in her, which we kind of encourage.

Yesterday with TW, as the radio played the “Hits of the 80's Lunch Hour”:

TG: He doesn't just want you to whip it, he wants you to whip it GOOD!

I'm not ready for this...

Ahhh... so much great 80s music, so little time.

Besides, it's only when you catch her downloading Poison and Def Leppard to her iPod that you need to start worrying.

"So why does he want so much sugar poured on him, anyway?"
Perhaps it's time to move to say PJ Harvey.

Then again, there's a great bright side to this: No %$#@!!! Barney songs.
It's about the topping for hot cocoa, isn't it?
That, or he's a big bowl of cornflakes.
Too funny! Sorry, but I have to leave my own nugget from my 10-yr old daughter. [Context: I'm an academic mother of two, and I have braces.]

This morning, while dropping my oldest off at school, she said, "Mom, I just have one question: When you and Dad French kiss, can he feel your braces?"

I don't think I really want to know *why* she asked that question.
That's really great music for a little one to listen to.
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