Tuesday, March 17, 2009


On Being On Campus During Spring Break

Erin Go Bleah.

Up here in Canada we don't have Spring Break; we have Reading Week in February. As a consolation prize we finish at the end of April (this is also when our taxes are due though, so we are overworked in two directions).

I love being on campus during Reading Week - the library is virtually empty, devoid of anyone but grad students. Bliss.
An academic librarian summed it up perfectly in this Twitter update.
Spring Break = High Productivity (no students; no service).

Oh, suck it up! That's why they pay you the big bucks.

(How many times have you heard that one?)
What is this "Spring Break" of which you speak? Winter Quarter ended Thursday, March 5. Spring Quarter started Monday, March 9. Whee!
I always loved it, quiet, uncrowded library and coffee shops, trees starting to bud and all that.

Of course, it often would've been better to on a real vacation, but it was definitely more relaxing than a regular week. Or course, I was teaching and trying to research and write and get published, not admin.
How about working for a proprietary school and only having two days off for Spring Break? Sigh.
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