Thursday, May 07, 2009


Breakfast with The Boy

TB: Yesterday I was scared when I was in my room. I thought I saw an alien go by outside the window.

DD: Really?

TB: Yeah. I thought he landed on the roof.

DD: He couldn't land on the roof. It's slanted.

TB: Santa lands on the roof.


TB: Santa has magic, though.

DD: True. Aliens would slide off the roof. And when was the last time you saw an alien lying on the ground, saying “that's gonna hurt tomorrow”?

TB: (laugh)

DD: Besides, aliens seem to like deserts better. There aren't any deserts around here.

TB (thoughtfully): I wonder if aliens fart.

DD: Probably. It might smell like cinnamon.

TB: I bet our farts smell like cinnamon to them!

DD: Yeah, they could follow us around, smelling us.

TB: Just like dogs! They could smell our butts!

DD: (robotic voice) TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER. (make fart noise) OOH, CINNAMON!

TB: (laugh) Yeah! They'd want us to eat lots of burritos!

DD: (laugh)

TB: I wonder if Barack Obama eats burritos.

DD: I hope so. He could save us all!

After that, a day of academic administration doesn't seem so scary...

Thanks for posting this! I needed a little humor in the middle of the semester's-end drama.
I'm so glad you posted this. First, because it's priceless and deserves to be preserved. Second, because it endears both you and the boy to me even more, and I didn't know that was possible. Third, because it makes me feel so much better about some of the conversations that happen around our place these days! *grin*
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