Friday, May 29, 2009


Top Ten Tips for Graduation Speakers

1. Brevity

2-10. See #1

Our school dropped the "distinguished speaker" from graduation several years ago and replaced them with graduates. We have never had a poor speech by a student, but had several poor ones by politicians, authors, etc.

One well-known author spoke for 45 minutes in a building without AC and so stuffed with people the fire marshall would have had a fit. We were in the back giving the well-known "cut it off!" hand sign but she just waved at us and kept on going. That was the end!
Yes yes yes yes yes.
Be prepared

Be brief

Be Seated
No one ever complained that someone's speech was too short.
Best. Post. Ever.
Great advice read while putting the finishing touches on my speech for tonight!

Just cut two paragraphs...
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