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As the family and I settle in for a much-needed Christmas break, I just want to thank my wise and worldly readers for helping me work through so many conundrums (conundra? conundrii? conundrae?) over the last few years. This year, I can say confidently that the lessons I learned on the blog -- what sets people off, how things get interpreted, etc. -- made me better at my day job. It finally started to sink in. Thank you for that.

I'll be taking my annual Christmas blogging break, returning on Monday, Jan. 4. For the next week and a half, I plan to think a lot less about higher ed, and a lot more about how to hook up a wii to a ten year old television. How hard can it possibly be...?

For now, it's time to give the suits and ties a rest. Tomorrow morning is devoted to bathrobes, French toast, two very excited kids, and a mountain of wrapping paper.

It's good for the soul.

Best wishes for a restorative break,


And thanks for the blog, DD. I wouldn't keep coming back if it wasn't good.

Happy and merry and restful for you and the family (and the Usual Suspects amongst the commenters, too.)
The Wii doesn't do HD, so hooking it up to an older TV isn't a big deal.
You'll have a great time with the Wii and it's fun for the whole family. Thanks for all you do and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Kelly in Kansas
If the TV has only a cable input jack (no red/white/yellow input), you *may* need something that is called (I think) a modulator: it's a converter box, taking r/w/y input from a Wii or a VCR or whatever and turning it into cable output for the TV.

(I'm away from home and can't look at the setup right now.) Happy holiday break, DD.
Thanks for a great blog!

Did you also get bowling shirts so you can have your own Wii bowling league like they do on The Big Bang Theory? That would be an amusing gift for the kids to open BEFORE they get to open the Wii box!
For now, it's time to give the suits and ties a rest.

I am good at administration, and I enjoy it. But the idea that in order to advance in the administrative ranks requires wearing a suit and tie makes me sick to my stomach. Before becoming a faculty member, I had a non-academic job that required a suit and tie, and I fucking HATED IT WITH A PASSION.

Peace! Love! Motherfucking Jameson!
DD, Enjoy your family these next few days. Best of luck in the coming year.
happy new year
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